Stratus Force Customer Care

Customer service still matters. A lot of companies who can write software are out there trying to create a SaaS business and hoping their customers don't bother them, no one wants to service customers any more in the web. But most companies need help with this tech stuff, and we're going to be there for them.

How to Reach Us

Email your support request to us at or call 403.836.4738 for urgent requests.

What to Expect

  • Our support team covers all things Google Apps for Business and Google Gmail, including connecting your mobile devices (Blackberry, iPhone, and Andriod) to Google. We also have a deep understanding of Solve360, cloud based file systems, and all of the other cloud based tools that we setup for business
  • Expect to see a response from us in 2 business hours or less.
  • Expect to hear from someone who knows both technology and English, inside and out.
  • 80% of problems are resolved in 24 hours or less.

If you have never done business with us before, expect to receive an invoice before we get started. Tell us what Support Bundle you would like. We will invoice via email for that bundle, or the expected time on our Pay As You Go rate. Once you pay this online we will get your problem solved.

Fee Structure

Customers on a pre-paid support plan will be invoiced prior to running out of credit on their plan.

5 Hour Bundle 5 hours of prepaid support for $495.00
10 Hour Bundle 10 hours of prepaid support for $895.00
Pay as you go $105.00 per hour