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Google's powerful suite of office collaboration tools is called Google Apps. Email, calendar, task management, document management, and much much more. This secure and reliable collaboration suite is dramatically less expensive than traditional hosted solutions.

Is Google Apps ready to handle your business? Millions of businesses around the world know the answer is yes.

To better understand the tremendous value that Google Apps brings to business watch this 3 minute video or explore the benefits of Google Apps for your business here.

Google Apps Services

Solve CRM is an innovative cloud based tool for managing leads, customers, and projects. With its excellent integration into Google Apps, this tool provides a natural workflow that your team will appreciate. We use this tool in our own business, and are an experienced Solve CRM Implementation Partner.

Whether you need help understanding the basics of Solve, want assistance with Solve integration into Google Apps, or need your environment customized to better meet your business, Stratus Force can help your organization be more productive today.

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